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Monday, March 7, 2016

Beach Blvd - Why Let a Perfectly Good Test Pressing Run Go to Waste?

In 1979, the compilation Beach Blvd was released.   Named after the portion of California Highway 39 which stretched from Whittier Blvd to Huntington Beach.  

A few months before the release, these test pressings began showing up at Zed Records in Long Beach.  Not sure if they released these to fund the actual covers or what.  Each one was numbered with individually hand written covers.

I pounced on it because I loved the Simpletones.  Saw them live a few times and had their debut single California b/w I Like Drugs.   They had very California sound with three surfer guy vocalists. Kind of pop/punk/surf. 

I never really got past The Simpletones tracks and still play them often.  Great lyrics.

It's not the way you dance.
It's not your Wrangler pants
That makes me feel the way I do about you

I'll be your lumberjack
I'll rip the shirt off your back
Just meet me at The Starwood

I go to discoteques
I like the Bee Gees
Everybody get on your feet and dance
We're doing the Tiger Beat Twist.

Although this looks like a bootleg with a paper insert and a blank label, these were quality pressings.

When it as finally released, it looked like this:

Image result for Beach boulevard lp