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Thursday, March 31, 2016

PR&R Alias Pink Puzz

Paul Revere and the Raiders couldn't shake their teeny-bopper clean cut image for the life of them.  To get some airplay on the hipper FM stations, the band shipped their latest single, Let Me, under the alias 'Pink Puzz.'    The station happily played it, thought it was cool, etc until.....  they realized who it was and dropped it like a hot potato.

The subsequent album, which included the single was released as

Alias Pink Puzz  (Columbia 1968)

The cover shot was by Jim Marshall, legendary photographer of the San Francisco scene.

Depite the band's attempt to ditch the Revolutionary War costumes and dress more hip, it was not a hit.

And songs such as Down in Amsterdam which deals with the horrors of missing your limo ride to the airport didn't really resonate withe the hippie crowd.  After Mark missed his limo he jumped into his rental car.  Did he not return it?  Was he going to leave it on the street and flee the country?

And what of The Original Handyman?

A woman's like a race car
She's a fine machine
But when the gears get rusty
The plugs need to be cleaned
I do major overhauls
Any minor tune-ups too
A-just bring your woman 'round to me
I'll have her running like new.

The band must have been proud of the lyrics.  This is the only time they printed them on the sleeve.