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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Songs Stories and Pictures of the Fabulous Beatles

Since Capitol passed on first dibs to the Beatles, other labels were free to pick them up and threw a few singles at the wall to see if they stuck.

Vee-Jay, an R&B label out of Chicago, picked up an option on their first album material and released 'Introducing the Beatles.'

In 1964, Capital picked up the option on subsequent material and released 'Meet the Beatles.'   The band appeared on Ed Sullivan and it was all over in America.

Since Vee-Jay had rights to the early masters, they were going to milk it for all that it was worth.

One of the most glaring money grabs was Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles

On the back, you could paste your picture next to your favorite Beatle and tell the world he loved you.  Fellows were out of luck.

The album came in a 3/4 gatefold sleeve which revealed the stories and pictures.  You also get to know know the Fab's favorite food, movie star, etc.   Ringo's favorite cartoon is Donald Duck.  George doesn't like having his hair cut.

And here's the money grab part.  The record inside is Introducing The Beatles, previously released with a different cover.  They didn't even bother to change the name on the label.  The hope was to snag unsuspecting record buyers into thinking this was a new record.