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Monday, March 28, 2016

PIL Commercial Zone

In 1983, Public Image LTD found itself 'between labels.'    Internal turmoil followed amidst the recording of their next album.    John Lydon decided to scrap the sessions and redo the tracks with studio musicians.  Keith Levene, decided to mix the tracks and present them as the next PIL record.

So he took the tracks and pressed them up at his own expense.  10,000 copies were pressed in the first round and released as 'Commercial Zone.'   Almost looking like a bootleg with a slightly altered PIL logo on one side.

It came in a plain wrapper.

My pressing is from the first run.  I'm pretty sure I got it at Middle Earth Records in Downey, CA.

PIL followed up with an official release of the redone material on 'This is What You Want....This is What You Get' on Elektra the following year.  Levine repressed this record with a run of 30,000 before it got buried by lawyers.