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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Set your wayback machine to Swingin' London in 1967.   Popular  music was changing rapidly.  As with any scene, rapid style changes bled over to fashion, art and FILM.    Below is the soundtrack to one of those Swingin' London movies.

Original Soundtrack Album - Privilege   (UNI 1967)

The film concerns a mild mannered pop star who's manipulated into being the spokesmodel for a Nazi-style Christian regime.  In my humble opinion, it's not very good.  It certainly was 'of an era.'
As with George Harrison's Wonderwall, the soundtrack held up better than the movie.

The lead guy in this is Paul Jones who is better known as the lead singer for Manfred Mann.  Do Wah Diddy is probably their best known hit with him on vocals.  The female lead is London model Jean Shrimpton whose sister, Chrissy, was dating Mick Jagger.  It's said that one of them is the inspiration for The Rolling Stones' Stupid Girl.

The album features a rocked up version of Onward Christian Soldiers that must be heard to be believed.

The Patti Smith Group performed Free Me from this record beginning with the pre-Horses early club shows.  It was finally recorded as the opening track on Side 2 of her third album Easter under the title Privilege (Set Me Free).   That's the reason I picked this one up when I saw it in the used bin.

Here's an attempt at showing the record being played.  I may have screwed this up.