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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Someone's Near the Turntable with Dyna

I have no idea what DynaGroove is other than 'the magnificent new sound developed by RCA Victor.'  

RCA wasn't shy about touting their quality of recording.  This is the company behind 'Living Stereo.'

RCA carried the 'Dyna' tag a step further with the introduction of DynaFlex in the '70's.  These were ultra thin record that you could flex like a musical saw blade.  I'm not knocking them.  The pressings I bought in that era still hold up nicely.  I'll probably post on that topic later.

As a side note on this type of thing, when I was in Hong Kong at Paul's Record Shop/Apartment, I asked him what type of record he sold to the locals.  Stereo demonstration records and records like the one above were top sellers that commanded top dollar.  Evidently in Hong Kong, space is at a premium and there's lots of money floating around.  People who had fancy stereos didn't have space for vinyl.  They bought these types of records to show off their systems.