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Friday, November 24, 2017

Mad Twists Rock N Roll

Not too many words needed to describe this one.  Found it in a 3 for $5 bin at a record swap this September.  

MAD Magazine was the publication of my youth.  I still have every issue from 1968-1974 stored away in protective sleeves.

In 1962 the put out their first record.  It had been on my want list for a long time.

MAD "Twists" Rock 'n' Roll (Big Top 1962)

A cheery little early rock and roll record with great titles.  Check them out.

(Throwing The) High School Basketball Game
(She Got a) Nose Job
Please Betty Jane (Shave Your Legs)
Somebody Else's Dandruff (On My Lover Baby's Shirt)
Blind Date ((Yaaaaaahhh!!!)
Agnes (The Teenage Russian Spy)
Let's Do the Pretzel (And End Up Like One)
(Even If I Live to Be 22) I'll Always Remember Being Young
(He Fell In Love With Me) When My Pimples Turned to Dimples
She's a Serious (Yeah-Yeah) Teenager in Love
(All I Have Left  Is) My Johnny's Hubcap
I Found Her Number on the Boy's Bathroom Wall

Each title beautifully illustrated by Mort Drucker on the back.

Also on the lookout for the second one - 'Fink Along with MAD' from 1963.  That one has 'It's a Gas' and 'I Love Her ('Cause She Lets Me Watch Her Mom and Pop Fight)'

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