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Monday, November 6, 2017

West Coast Punk - What? Records EP

What Records? was one of a handful of independent labels capturing the LA punk scene in the early. days.   Other releases on the label were the first single from The Germs and the first single from The Dils.

This particular release featured one song each from three local bands.

What Records? EP (1978)

The copy I have is a reissue of the 1978 release.  The label is pretty much identical to the original save for the additional legal stuff.

Side A features The Eyes performing 'Don't Talk To Me'    This was co-written by Eyes member Charlotte (don't look at me I'm famous) Caffey who later found sound compromised mainstream success in the Go-Go's.    They spelled her name wrong on the reissue.  Not so on the original.

Side B gives us '(The Original) Neutron Bomb' by The Controllers.  A rockin' little tune not to be confused with 'We Got the Neutron Bomb' by The Weirdos.  I saw them a few times, more often than not on the same bill with X.   They had a charismatic African American woman on drums who went by the name of Mad Dog.

Also included in 'Victims' by The Skulls.  Don't remember much about them.  I probably saw them at some point.  Most of the punk shows I attended 1978-1980 consisted of four bands.  Even my youthful short/long term memory forgot most of them at the time.

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