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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Austin, Texas.

Austin is a great town.    Live music everywhere.  BBQ joints.  Beer flowing over your grandmother's paisley shawl.  Hipsterism abounds without pretension.  Cowboy hats and fedoras live together without incident.  Bats fly from under a bridge on summer evenings like clockwork.   Old houses get converted into micro-breweries.  Rolling hills.  UT.  Lake Lady Bird and Lake LBJ.  Live music and BBQ at the airport.    You know as soon as you've left the plane that you've arrived somewhere special.

It's not like other cities in Texas.   I've been to Dallas and Houston.  Feh!   I'll take Austin any day.

They take pride in their unique take on things.  'Keep Austin Weird' is their unofficial slogan.

And they have some pretty decent record stores.  

I'll talk about my three favorite.

Friends of Sound

Here's Friends of Sound Records.    It's in the hipster enclave south of the river.   To further make it interesting, the store is located in the back alley.   

Great selection and a bargain room.    What else could you ask for?

The back alley entrance.  Am I supposed to be here?  Will there be zombies?  

I'm pretty sure I got an LP by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders when I was there last June.  

End of an Ear

This is my favorite store in Austin.  Also in the hipster enclave south of the river.  It shares the building with a boutique that sells only used flannel shirts.  It's called The Boytique.

End of An Ear - Official Website


Up on the other side of campus.  A nice store with a great selection of used vinyl.  I got a nice copy of Captain Beefheart's Spotlight Kid here.

Antone's Records - Official Site

And yes there's Waterloo.  I was a bit overwhelmed after an hour or so and left without making a purchase.  I have the same problem with Amoeba in Hollywood.  Down the road from Waterloo was a shop called El Cheapo.  I don't think they're around any longer.