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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

West Coast Punk - The Bags

I believe this was the first LA punk band I ever saw.  They opened for the Weirdos at the Whiskey.  Must have been 1977 or 1978.   Went to the show out of curiosity.  From there I was hooked.  What a scene.  Tons of bands playing high energy original material.   Shows somewhere every weekend.  

Ended up seeing the Bags often.  They were always around with the first generation LA Punk Bands (The Germs, X, The Screamers, The Weirdos).   

The band was led by two women from East LA, Alice Bag (vocals) and Pat Bag (bass).  Rock critic/writer Craig Lee was on guitar.  The lineup was completed by Rob Ritter on other guitar and Terry Dad Bag on drums.

This is their Dangerhouse single.

Survive b/w Babylonian Gorgon

As with many of the Dangerhouse singles, the cover was merely a folded piece of paper in a plastic sleeve.  This one didn't cover both sides leaving a blank space on the back.

The Bags in action.  This pretty much captures what it was like.

Pat Bag left the band prior to their appearance in 'The Decline of Western Civilization.' where they appeared as The Alice Bag Band.  Rob Ritter, Pat Bag and Terry Dad Bag ended up in The Gun Club.   Pat Bag further went on to join The Damned.  

They are missed along with all the other bands and the scene.