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Monday, June 1, 2015

Solo Dead in .72

In 1972 the Grateful Dead were on a roll in the songwriting department.  They released a triple album of their recent tour of Europe which was about half new material.  Much of that material became concert staples for the remainder of their career.

But that's not all.

As I understand it, their contract with Warner Brothers was coming to an end.  Columbia wanted to sign the band.  As they were a-courtin, they signed The New Riders of the Purple Sage - Dead cohorts which featured both Garcia and Hart on the first album.  Clive Davis at Columbia was busy pursuing Dead band members for solo deals. he figured if he got all the members for a solo deal, then signing the band as a whole would be a piece of cake.

In a defensive move, Warner Brothers threw solo deals at band members as well. 

This lit a fire under them to write some more songs resulting in two more albums worth of concert staples...

First off 

Garcia  - Jerry Garcia (Warner Brothers 1972)

This one features Deal, The Wheel, Loser, Sugaree and Bird Song. All instruments played by Garcia with the exception of drums by Dead member Bill Kreutzman.

Not to be outdone, Bob Weir pulled together a solo album as well.  This one features all members of the Grateful Dead on all tracks.  It's more of a Grateful Dead album featuring all Weir songs.  Most of them were in heavy rotation until the end of the band.

Bob Weir - Ace (Warner Brothers 1972)

Includes One More Saturday Night, Looks Like Rain, Cassidy, Mexicali Blues, Black Throated Wind and Playin' in the Band.

The pressing I have features the deleted 'pot leaf' photo on the back.  It was later replaced with a high contrast photo of Weir.

....and joining in the 1972 fun...

Mickey Hart  - Rolling Thunder (1972)

Features just about everyone from the San Francisco scene.  Tracks include the original versions of Playin' in the Band and Fire on the Mountain.

Mickey had a second record in the can ready to go.  When the Dead made it clear they were not going with either Columbia or Warner Brothers, Warner's dropped the solo contracts leaving Mickey in the lurch.  Supposedly a second album remains in the can.

Clive Davis finally got his Dead when the band signed with Arista.