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Friday, June 5, 2015

Wonderwall Music by George Harrison

I finally saw the movie 'Wonderwall' after being urged on by my friends at the B- Movie Cast.    (that was a link, check them out).   Don't know why it took me so long to see it.  I've had the soundtrack for as long as I can remember.  The movie was basically a psychedelic peeping tom movie.  Some guy drills holes in his wall to watch the dolly bird next door as she does various groovy sixties things in her ever changing colorful apartment.

Movie aside, I'll focus on the record which was released in 1968.

The soundtrack was by George Harrison and holds the distinction of being the first release on Apple records.  Yes folks, this is the first time the world saw the now iconic granny smith on side one and a sliced apple on side two.  It would be months before Hey Jude (the second release) and the White Album ( the next LP) would see the inner light of day.  More about the Apple label later.

Not sure where I got my copy.  It's still got much of its original shrink wrap.

It's also not really clear which side is the front or the back.  If we go by the writing on the side, the front is below.  If we go by how we normally see it, the front is above.

It comes with an insert on thick card stock listing the musicians.  George, Ringo and Eric Clapton play on some tracks.  They're not listed, but mysterious musicians Colin Manley (on guitar) , Roy Dyke (on drums) and Eddie Clayton (on guitar) appear.   Much of the music was recorded in India with Indian musicians. The backing track for The Beatles 'The Inner Light' was recorded at these sessions.

Below is the insert front and back.

Apple was set up by The Beatles to fund various creative endeavors.  The first product to hint at the company was Magical Mystery Tour which was produced by Apple Films.    The first record (this one) came out in early 1968.  The record label was a bit revolutionary at the time as it didn't mention the name of the company.  They let the image speak for itself.

Below is the label front and back.