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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels B-Sides

1989 saw a reunion of sorts for The Rolling Stones. The resulting album and tour - Steel Wheels - was a huge success for the band.  The tour saw the first of many things that would become staples for future stadium shows - reserved seats on the floor, giant sets, video screens, expensive beer.   It also saw the beginning of hugely expensive tickets - $35.   At the time it was an outrage.

Still - the band saw fit to produce a few B-Sides at a time when the 45 was dying.  At the time we were seeing the rise of the CD single and the silly 'cassingle'

so here we have

Fancy Man Blues (the B-Side of Mixed Emotions)

Cook Cook Blues (The B-Side of 'Rock and a Hard Place')

To the best of my knowledge, this 45 is the only place this ever appeared.  It was tough to find at the time 

I Wish I'd Never Met You (B-Side of 'Almost Hear You Sigh')

Not released in the USA.

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