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Friday, November 21, 2014

Jack in the Box Vol 1 - Why A House Makes Noise

Volume 1 in the Jack in the Box comic/flexi series.  A little comic and record affair that was designed to make a kid not freak out at strange noises in the house at night.  It's mostly likely the gastro-intestinal function of those who dined at Jack in the Box during the day.  

Actually, the little song they sing to the greasy onion ring hiding under the covers (right on the sheets I might add) terrifies me even more.  

Rather than be afraid of ghosts or burglars, I'm now terrified of the house collapsing.  It doesn't help that the house depicted on the label appears to be a cross between the Addams Family house and the Psycho house. 

Sing this to your kids before bedtime

If sometimes you hear a noise at night
that makes you feel afraid
There's nothing to be frightened of
That's how a house is made
You think a house is standing there
As solid as a rock
But it's really changing all the time 
And ticking like a clock

Remember that a house must take
So many kinds of weather
Both hot and cold and wet and dry
They often go together
Now houses feel the temperature
The same as people do.
A house can shiver and perspire too.

When wood gets wet it swells up.
Iron shrinks when it gets cold
And bricks get twice as heavy
With the water they can hold
Hot tar gets soft and paint expands
Believe me girls and boys
It's all this pushing and pulling, swelling
Causing all the noise.

So picture all the changes
That go on in every way
When that big house cools down at night
After a sunny day
And now that I've explained it
I hope you see the light
And they you'll smile and not be scared
At noises in the night.