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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Senator Bobby

At some point about ten years ago, I owned a small rundown shack in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  There were no doors or windows.  There was an outhouse up the hill (I always thought it was supposed to be down the hill).  There was no running water.  There was a joshua tree on the property.  It was near the world's largest free standing boulder.  

We called it the Hacienda which evoked images of a plush villa with landscaping and a pool or two.

It was a rundown shack.

I had visions of turning it into a desert hideaway, but it got weird.  Motor homes encircled it and sapped my electricity.  This was years before Breaking Bad.  I'm sure that's what was going on.  I called the sheriff.  They went out there and rousted the guys.  the county got after me for not having windows and insisted I board the place up.   I sold the place soon afterwards.  

When I first went out there, it was filled with trash.  The only thing I brought home that day were these two 45's.   An odd pair of records for someone to leave in the desert  - especially since these were the only records left there.

Senator Bobby  with Senator McKinley - Mellow Yellow b/w  Bobby the Poet - White Christmas (3:00 Weather Report)

The A Side features a Bobby Kennedy impersonator performing Donovan's Mellow Yellow.  The B Side is a Dylan impersonator reading the weather report while White Christmas plays in the background

Senator Bobby - Wild Thing b/w Senator McKinley - Wild Thing

Evidently the people doing the Kennedy/McKinley impersonations decided to keep going with it.  

Thank you desert shack for yielding this bounty.

I don't know who these people were or if they ever put out any more records.   I did manage to find a TV clip of them performing it on a show hosted by Kate Smith.