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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Salvador Dali meets The Great One.

Jackie Gleason was a big deal in the 1950s and 1960s.    He starred in the honeymooners.   He had a very popular variety show from Miami.   Fred Flintstone was based on him.

And he made instrumental records.    Not sure what his capacity was.   It may have just been Gleason presents or something.    And for some reason I have a bunch of them.    Probably just picked up because my jaw dropped with every cover.   I'll probably post them all at some point, but this one stands out.

Jackie Gleason presents Lonesome Echo

This one sports a cover by Salvador Dali.  Gleason raised his baton and the magic happened.

 As the liner notes say:

This is the music that says relax .....  Close your eyes ... Remember ..... Listen to the lonesome echo.

Even more surreal to me is the picture on the back.  Dali and Gleason together again.   One track is called 'I wished on the Moon.'  Was he thinking of wishing Alice Kramden there?

This record once belonged to Lee Johnson   His name wasn't bold enough in ballpoint pen, so he wrote it again with a felt tip.  I got it at CD Trader in Tarzana.