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Monday, November 17, 2014

West Coast Punk - The Avengers

The Avengers.  Not the Marvel superheroes, but a punk band from San Francisco.  Fun band.  Opened for the Sex Pistols at their final gig at Winterland.   They never put out a full album.  San Francisco had a vibrant scene as did Los Angeles.  San Francisco bands came to Los Angeles quite often - and vice versa.  It was a very exciting time.

They released this single on Dangerhouse

The Avengers  - We Are the One/I Believe in Me b/w Car Crash

Typical Dangerhouse packaging.  A folded piece of paper inside a plastic bag.  In many cases, they used a letter size piece of paper that didn't even cover both sides of the single.  This is the second run.  The first run, which is much rarer, has a sleeve with singer Penelope on a cross.

Judging by the remains of the sticker on the back, I got this at a Music Plus.  That chain ended up merging with Blockbuster and then going out of business.

We Are not Jesus Christ
We Are not Fascist Pigs
We Are not Capitalist Industrialists
We Are not Communist.
We are the One

And the B-Side was a lengthy epic by punk standards clocking in at a whopping 4:15.

The Avengers play Los Angeles and Duke Dunton was there.  The opening band later had more success when they got slick and produced.  At this point they were punk and could hardly play.  The only thing I remember about The Flyboys was that they did a Monkees cover.

And a clip to go out on....