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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Who 68

Just finished reading an article about The Who in 1968.    I didn't realize their output that year consisted of merely three singles.    In the USA, Decca managed to scrape together an album of leftovers and B-Sides called Magic Bus - The Who on Tour.    Between The Who Sell Out in late 1967 and Tommy in early 1969 - this was it.

Call Me Lightning b/w Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

A Jan & Dean ish surf romp b/w a typically macabre Entwistle composition from 1967.  Their UK company refused to release it.

Dogs b/w Circles

This is where it starts to get a little weird.  It's a song about the dog races.  It was not a hit in the UK.  Never got a release in the USA.  For some reason, it was a big hit in Southeast Asia.   I picked this one up at Paul's in Hong Kong.  The pressing is from Singapore.  B-Side is from 1967.  

From Youtube - Not my record

Magic Bus b/w Someone's Coming.

After two misfires, finally a gem.  Not a huge hit when it came out.  It's now a concert staple thanks to the airing it got on The Who Live at Leeds.  No drums until the very end.  Moon plays woodblock instead.  Awesome rhythm track.    B side is another old song from Entwistle.