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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Company Sleeves

Many 45's did not come with picture sleeves.  Instead, most record labels had company sleeves.   On 45's that came with picture sleeves, these often replaced the sleeve when the initial run - and chart potential - was depleted.

Care and feeding of 45's among teenagers in the '60's was not common thing.  Sleeves were often tossed.   45's were stacked on record changers.  As a result, several were out of their sleeves at the same time.  This led to the records and sleeves being mismatched.  

I've tried my best to reunite them in my collection.  When buying a big box of 45's, the sleeves are more often than not mismatched - if they exist at all.

I use this site to get the most accurate era appropriate matches:


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