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Thursday, October 30, 2014

For Halloween - Return of the Living Dead soundtrack

If the timing of this scheduled post works out, it should now be All Hallows Eve Eve.   I offer up the first soundtrack album of this here blog.

The Return of the Living Dead.  

George Romero made the classic film 'Night of the Living Dead' which started the whole zombie craze in American horror cinema.   Two of his collaborators, John Russo and Russell Streiner claimed some sort of ownership of the title.  This quasi sort-of sequel is the result of a gentlemen's agreement where Romero would continue to use just plain 'Dead' in his sequels and the other party would use 'Living Dead.'

The tone of this series is quite different from the Romero series.  These were more humourous.  They also introduced the concept of zombies eating brains.

The album features an array of post punk bands including our own Halloween favorite, the Cramps.   

And Someone in the mastering lab had some fun with the dead wax.