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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The MC5 and Hudson's

Apologies in advance for the use of the '*'

I don't want this blog to be saddled with the 'adult content' flag.

The MC5 released their debut album 'Kick Out The Jams' in 1970 on Elektra.  They were signed, along with the Stooges, from the burgeoning Detroit rock scene.  The band was a bit on the radical side of the hippie movement.

The album, recorded live, is a great document of the MC5's intense live sound.  A timeless classic this one be.

There was a time when every major department store had a record department.  As a youth, my mom would often say - 'go look at the records while I shop.'   In those days it was not considered child abuse to allow your 7 year old to wander to another floor of the store alone for an hour.

Hudson's was the major department store chain in the Detroit area.   I don't know if it's still there.  Probably not.  It's probably a Macy's.   At the time in Southern California we had The Broadway, Bullock's, Buffum's, Orbach's and a few others.  Now we have Macy's.

After some complaints from the community, Hudson's decided not to stock the MC5 album because of a song intro on the record.  "It's time to kick out the jams, motherf*ckers"

The MC5 decided to take out an ad in the local alternative press.  It was a full page job.  Basically it advised fans to kick in the door if they won't sell the album.  And, oh yeah, 'F*CK HUDSON'S'

Hilarious in my humble opinion.

Hudson's was not amused.  They of course complained and pulled all Elektra stock from the shelves. Seeing as how Elektra would stand to lose more on lost Nonesuch label and Doors sales than they'd ever earn with the MC5,  Elektra decided to drop the band from their roster.

They later signed with Atlantic and put out two albums that didn't quite live up to their potential. They were dropped from that roster too.

The band was targeted by The Man for their radical politics.  Guitarist Wayne Kramer was thrown in jail on a drug charge.  Their manager, John Sinclair, was thrown in prison ten years for possessing two joints.  He's the inspiration for the Lennon song 'John Sinclair.'  "They gave him ten for two.  What else can the judges do?"   

Guitarist Fred Smith married Patti Smith.


Singer Rob Tyner died at age 46.   Fred Smith died in his 40's as well.  Wayne Kramer met up with Bassist Michael Davis in prison.  Upon their release they found the original drummer and got the band back together with a new vocalist.