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The correct answer is that you shouldn’t. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Develop your own. I try to be sane and rational, but that may change with the level of caffeine intake. I’m just telling my stories in the hopes they may amuse and/or inform others. And... I Confess... I'm showing off my bitchen collection a bit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Glen Campbell - Hava Nagila

Yes, THAT Glen Campbell.

Yes, THAT Hava Nagila.

This came out of the B-Side to the 'True Grit' theme in 1969.    It's actually pretty smokin' hot.   It's an instrumental and goes through a few arrangements and instrumentations throughout.  

The public knows Glen as the rhinestone cowboy on his way through Phoenix to Galveston.  Before his solo career he was an in-demand session player.

I've got versions of Hava Nagila by several artists.  Most notably:

Connie Francis (from her album Connie Francis sings Jewish Favorites - more on that one in the future)

Chubby Checker   (A Twistin' Good Time)

Dick Dale   (Surf Music)

Arthur Lyman  (Hawaiian Exotica)

Harry Belafonte

and from an album called 'Twistin' the Freilach'   (probably more on that one in the future as well)