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Monday, October 6, 2014

Their Hispanic Majesties Request

Norton Records puts out a pretty dead-on parody cover of Their Satanic Majesties Request, a double 45 of Rolling Stones songs sung in Espanol.

These are actually pretty good.  They bristle with the pre-punk garage energy of the early Stones classics.
Too bad it's not 3D

Lado Uno - Let's Spend the Night Together as Pasemos La Noche Juntos.   A pretty literal translation.

Lado Dos - She's A Rainbow as Borrando El Negro.  Actual translation would be 'Erase the Black'

Lado Tres -  Get Off My Cloud as Aqui En Mi Nube.  Actual translation would he 'Here on My Cloud'

Lado Cuatro - Paint it, Black as Un Tono Mas Siniestro.  Actual translation would be 'A Shade More Sinister'

It's even got a gatefold cover.  iEs Aqui!

At some point in the future I'll do a comparison with the Rolling Stones Record.  For now, disfrutar de mi blog