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Saturday, October 18, 2014

RIP Series - Alvin Lee

Since I just started this here blog recently, I'm going to periodically do some posts in tribute to some musical greats (and not so greats) who have departed in the last year or so.   I'll catch up at some point and be more timely.  Until then, I've unfortunately got a lot of catching up to do.  

I'm avoiding the well researched career tributes and appreciations.  I'll leave that to the paid professional scribes.  I'm sticking to my basic subject matter and blogging about the records.

Alvin Lee.  Lightning fast guitar player.  Leader of Ten Years After. A highlight of the Woodstock film with 'Goin' Home.'  Master of the lead guitar pout face.   The second most famous Alvin in music.

Ten Years After had a long career.  First on Deram and then on Columbia where they had the hit classic rock album 'A Space in Time' which featured 'I'd Love to Change the World.'

Ten Years After - Cricklewood Green

In my humble opinion, this is the Ten Years After album to get if you have none.  Although sometimes I lean toward 'Shhhhh' or 'Watt' or even 'Stonedhenge.'  Oh heck.  Anything on Deram.

This one features the classics 'Love Like a Man' and '50,000 Miles Beneath my Brain.'

Sounds great on Deram.  This is short for the term 'Deramic' which was dreamed up by Decca UK.   I have no idea what it means, but these records sound awesome cranked up high....