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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some Cream for Jack

Jack Bruce passed away this week.  Best known as the bassist and lead vocalist of Cream.

Cream was one of the first 'supergroups'   Each member had experience in other bands prior to joining together  Jack Bruce was the front man/bass player/vocalist.  Eric Clapton on guitar and sometimes vocals.  Ginger Baker - drums.

They put out three 'real' albums.   Each are top notch in their own right.   Much like the Grateful Dead, their live shows were quite different from the records.  Although I never saw them, the live recordings reveal a band in full flight.  Basically three soloists somehow merging together.  The result could sometimes be stunning.  Their records ain't half bad either.

Fresh Cream (1966)

Most of Cream ready for flight, except Ginger who decided to cap himself with a dead animal.

Debut featuring NSU, I'm So Glad and a version of Toad that clocks in at a mere 5:11.

Disraeli Gears  (1967)

Their second album includes the classics Sunshine of Your Love, Tales of Brave Ulysses, Strange Brew and SWALBR (She Was Like a Bearded Rainbow).

I got this original pressing in the early '70's when a family member  found Jesus.  It's got the old purple and gold ATCO label.  Good for me.  Thank you Jesus,  This sounds better than subsequent pressings with the yellow ATCO label.  How did you know?

And it looks pretty bitchen under the blacklight.

Wheels of Fire (1968) 

Their third album.  A double.  Features one live and one studio disc.   No Clapton compositions or lead vocals on the studio disc.  This one is pretty much all Jack Bruce.    Clapton does get his moment on the version of 'Crossroads' on the live disc.  The track here is edited way down from the actual performance.

This is a first pressing the shiny foil cover.

Goodbye (1969)

Cream recorded one final single, Badge.  Since their audience at that time was the FM/LP crowd, it had to be put on an album.  This final release was cobbled together with Badge, two B-Sides and live recordings.  Kind of a money grab as the band was already broken up and onto the next thing by the time this was released.

Bonus - Anyone for Tennis b/w Pressed Rat and Warthog.

Clapton composition written with Martin Sharp  - The artist who did the covers to Wheels of Fire and Disraeli Gears.  From the soundtrack of 'The Savage Seven' - a biker movie.  It's an acoustic tune.  As far as I know, the movie is not about a marauding bunch of tennis enthusiasts on motorcycles, although that would be quite a concept.   Call my agent.

Cream eventually imploded.  Their last tour saw them travelling separately and staying in different hotels.

Each band member went off to solo careers with varying degrees of success.  Clapton released a few classic albums before watering down his sound to become a boring dad rock icon.