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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back Side of the Faces

I recently came across some 45's by the Faces.  I always thought they were a great band, despite the fact that their flamboyant singer, Rod Stewart, overshadowed them at the end before going off to an annoying career as a solo artist.  Other members went on to supplement other British bands.  Ronnie Wood and Ian McLagan went on to play with the Rolling Stones.  Kenny Jones joined the Who.  Ronnie Lane paired up with Pete Townshend on an album or two.

The 45's were a revelation.  The B-Sides on three of them consist of in studio jams without vocals.  They didn't appear on the albums.

Maybe I'm Amazed b/w Oh Lord I'm Browned Off

B-Side is one of those loose jams.  Surprisingly, the A-Side is a studio take.  I was fully expecting the live version that's included on 'Long Player'

Had Me a Real Good Time b/w Rear Wheel Skid.

An offering from Long Player  - although in edited form coupled with another one of those studio jams.  The A-Side gives songwriting credit to 'Bonnie Wood - Rod Stewart.'  I'm sure Ronnie wasn't too happy about that.  For some reason this is credited to the Small Faces.

Cindy Incidentally b/w Skewiff (Mend the Fuse)

The A-Side is from their final album 'Ooh La La.'  The B-side is another one of those studio Jams.   B-Side gives credit to McFagan.  I'm sure Ian wasn't too happy about that.

Pool Hall Richard b/w I Wish it Would Rain (With a Trumpet)

Their final track.   A gritty rocker.   This never came out as a 45 in the USA as it was custom here to make consumers buy 10 tracks they already had to get the one they didn't.  It showed up on their 'Greatest Hits' LP released after their demise.  In the UK, this was sensibly put out as a 45.  The B-Side, recorded live, foreshadows the mediocrity to come with Rod's solo career once the band dissolved.

 A great band worth looking into. I kind of wish they would have carried on without their singer.  They did it before when Steve Mariott left the Small Faces to form Humble Pie.  It was not to be.   Ronnie Lane left the band for health reasons towards the end and wasn't on the final tours.   Ronnie Wood went on to a better gig.  The Faces hadn't officially broken up when he toured with the Rolling Stones in '75. Kenny Jones had a decent run with The Who.   Ian McLagan is now based in Austin and regularly tours with his Bump Band.