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Friday, September 19, 2014

Jack in the Box - How Pain Helps Us

There was a time when Jack in the Box was an unassuming hamburger chain.   McDonald's began getting into the kids meal market by creating cartoon characters to sell their burgers.  Mayor McCheese, the Evil Grimace and the Hamburglar are just a few of their characters.

Jack in the Box tried to follow with some of their own characters.  As part of this promotion, they put out a series of giveaway flexi records with comic books.  I managed to save two of them.  

How Pain Helps Us

The cover depicts our friends at Jack in the Box (Jack, Small Fry, Onion Ring Thing) teasing the Hamburgermeister with a giant bowling ball.  An experiment to test pain, I guess.

I couldn't find a name for that criminal guy in the picture.

The package consists of a comic book and a flexi disc.  Included in the booklet is an attempt to teach American kids the metric system.  They could have taught good nutrition, but that would go against their business model.  It's a good thing pain isn't associated with childhood obesity, otherwise it would have scared people away from their products.

This one deserves a reprint of the lyrics

Pain's a warning signal
And it keeps us out of harm
For Mother Nature uses Pain
To give us an alarm
When something harmful is happening
The Pain will indicate
We should stop the thing that's harmful
Before it's too late

All the the skin are nerve ends
Each smaller than a hair
If something hurts one of these nerves
It signals to beware
The signal goes to larger nerves
the same as through wire
And then into the spinal cord
Then to the brain up higher

And in the brain this message.
Us the feeling we call pain
And right away the brain will send
An order back again
To any part that's been hurt 
The brain says 'move away'
And when it gets the brain's command
That muscle will obey

Now if the hurt is bad
The brain remains aware of it
Until we fix it up
Or have someone take care of it
Now pain may seem a nuisance
But I'll tell you how I figure
I'd rather have a little pain than injuries much bigger.

Place a coin here if soundsheet slips.

I don't know how many of these they put out. I have Volume 1 'Why a House Makes Noise' and this one. 

I'm not a food snob by any means, but I don't eat at Jack in the Box.  They tried to get rid of the clown in a big explosive ad campaign and become more classy.  After a few years the clown came back, but he's now a very sophisticated gentleman in a business suit.

I'm sure I got this with some forgettable meal.  I may have gotten  the meal just to get the record.  Probably at the Jack in the Box on the corner of Leffingwell and Telegraph in Whittier, California.