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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jukebox Fun with John & Yoko

In the immediate post-Beatle years, John Lennon released a series of standalone singles.

They say behind every great man is a great woman.  This applies to these singles as well.  Behind every great John Lennon A-Side, there is a Yoko Ono B-Side.

Here's where the jukebox fun comes in.  Follow these easy steps  - if you can find a jukebox and it's 1980.

1.  Locate a John Lennon 45 in the Jukebox.  Instant Karma was common.  
2.  Choose the Yoko Ono B-Side.
3   Find a place at the bar where you can observe the entire room.
4.  Wait for the Yoko B-Side to play and marvel at the reaction.

I actually once heard a bar patron ask 'Who kicked that dog?'   

Below are some of the Lennon 45's I have.

Instant Karma b/w Who Has Seen the Wind

Cold Turkey/Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)

This B-Side is actually pretty amazing.  Power trio backing from Ringo/Klaus Voorman/Lennon.   The only Yoko B-Side to be played LOUD.  The single is kind of a rarity as it wasn't a big hit.  To top it off, most American pressings have a defect that causes a skip in the third chorus.  It's hit or miss (mostly miss) to find a good one.  I've come across three and they all have the defect.  I never got to play the jukebox game with this one  - only wish I could have.

Give Peace a Chance b/w Remember Love

Power to the People/Touch Me.

This one works well for playing John & Yoko jukebox.

B-Side jukebox fun works for lots of artists if you know the 45.  There was a time when it was common for professional songwriters to pen the A-Side while the artist penned the B-Side to share in the royalties for the single.  The B-Sides were often not up to snuff.  That doesn't mean they don't serve a purpose.   Let the fun begin.