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Saturday, September 20, 2014

When in Berkeley, Visit the Mad Monk of Telegraph Avenue.

The Mad Monk of Telegraph Avenue

Whenever I visit Berkeley, California, I always make a point of checking out Rasputin's on Telegraph Avenue.   Telegraph Avenue is like a 24/7 Grateful Dead parking lot.  I haven't observed any changes in 40 years.   The sights,sounds and smells remain the same.

I've been coming here since the late '70's when I had some friends who attended the University.  Now I have a daughter who attends the same school.   I'm up there quite a bit.

Rasputin's Basement

The store has a great basement.   An ample selection of used LP's and 45's abound.  Great prices too.  Inventory hasn't been picked over that much. At one point I picked up a few Enoch Light records.  On the way home I was wishing I would have gotten the others in the bin.  I went back months later and they were still there.  They now live with me in Southern California.

Rasputin's is a survivor.  Back in the day there was another store on the north side of campus.  Rather Ripped I believe it was called.  There was also a Tower Records nearby.  Amoeba is a newcomer and still very busy.  I much prefer Rasputin's.