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Friday, September 12, 2014

U2 - The Rattle and Hum Singles

Continuing on with U2 singles.  This series came out with the Rattle and Hum singles.  Same concept as The Joshua Tree batch.  One band member on each of the four releases.  Same basic graphic design.

Desire b/w Hallelujah, Here She Comes

This one is gatefold.

Angel of Harlem b/w A Room at The Heartbreak Hotel

When Love Comes to Town b/w Dancing Barefoot

B-Side is a Patti Smith Cover

All I Want is You b/w Unchained Melody

Yes, THAT Unchained Melody.  Righteous Brothers Cover.

The next album, Achtung Baby! went from vinyls singles to CD singles.  In the UK, they got vinyl.