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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

U2 - The Joshua Tree Singles

U2's been in the news lately.  Seems they dropped their new album for free on iTunes this week.  Well they did a little bit more than drop it.  They pushed it to 500 million iTunes account holders - whether they wanted it or not. I've heard it said that they should have called their new album 'Spam.'

They're actually embracing the new business model of the music industry.  Back in the day, the concerts were inexpensive to encourage people to see the band, then go home and buy the record.  Now the recorded music is presented free or inexpensive to get you to go hear the music so you go out to the concert.  Not only are ticket prices higher than the $6.50 top price back then, but there is a ton of merchandise that goes with it.   $45 t-shirt anyone?

Not to diss the band.  It's not really their fault.  I saw them a few times and they were excellent.  Put out some killer albums as well.  They were also very generous with B-Sides to their singles.  Both 'The Joshua Tree' and 'Rattle and Hum' had a series of four singles each.  

I'll present 'The Joshua Tree' series below.  It's a cool collection of pictures sleeves each featuring an individual band member.  All photos by Anton Corbijn.  Photos of the Anton Corbijn photos by me.

'With or Without You' b/w 'Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)' and 'Walk to the Water'

B-Side plays at 33 1/3

"Hey Anton - Is this enough like Stevie Wonder's 'Talking Book'"

'Which one of us whistled for the limo again?'

'Where the Streets Have No Name' b/w 'Silver and Gold' and 'The Sweetest Thing'

B-Side Plays at 33 1/3

"I love hide and seek in the desert.  They'll never find me here"

'If we each look in a different direction, we'll be sure no coyotes surprise us'

'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' b/w 'Spanish Eyes' and 'Deep in the Heart'

B-Side Plays at 33 1/3

'It's hot.  I'm tired. My feet hurt and we're all out of potatoes'

'Adam - This is the last time we let you pick the hotel'

'In God's Country' b/w 'Bullet the Blue Sky' and 'Running to Stand Still'

B-Side is on the LP.  Plays at 33 1/3

"Hey Anton - Where's my cover shoot?  How come I'm last?  I'm supposed to be first.  I can do 'Talking Book' as good as Edge"

'Don't know about Bono - He's having trouble staying focused'

The Rattle and Hum series will follow at some point.  Same concept.  Four of them with a solo portrait of a band member on each one.  

Excuse the humor in the captions below the photos.  I really like this band, but there are times I wish they didn't take themselves so seriously.  Hope I don't offend their disciples.

The Rattle and Hum Singles